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Week 41 - Submission

The theme for this week is Minor Character - How you interpret this is up to you, but your icon must contain a minor character - i.e Blank or Lani would be okay, but Zidane or Garnet would not. If you're unsure about a character, leave a comment and I'll get back to you!

Your icons will be due by Friday, September 14th at 8PM GMT

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Good luck to everyone!
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Incomplete Banners

Just a note of the Banners still to be completed. No rush guys, just a note incase you've forgotten or whatever. If for any reason you can't complete them or no longer wish to be a banner maker, let me know!

- Week 29 BANNER MAKER: remiem
- Week 32 BANNER MAKER tsukitaichou
- Week 34 BANNER MAKER raven_nox
- Week 35 BANNER MAKER remiem
- Week 37 BANNER MAKER tsukitaichou

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